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JIS Type Battery

 How to read battery type information of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) code battery?

The type of a battery is indicated on the top of the battery.

Compare their differences based on performance and size, so you can pick the right battery for your car.

JIS code example (small).png

1: Performance rank (no unit symbol)

This indicates a battery's overall performance (starting performance, capacity). The larger the number, the better the performance. (Under 50 = 2 steps, 50 and above = 5 steps)

JIS Explain.png

2: Size of the narrow side (In the JIS standard, categories are set based on the width and the box height)

Symbol: The size increases from A to H (Unit: mm)

JIS Symbol.png
jis length.png

3: Length (cm)

This indicates the approximate length (cm). (Example: About 24 cm for 55B24L)

jis length.png

4: Polarity position

This indicates the positive and negative polarity position of the battery (R. or L. or no symbol).

Terminal Type.png